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dangerous airports -Tonconton International Airport

dangerous airports -Tonconton International Airport

dangerous airports -Tonconton International Airport

Although all previous airports have been classified as dangerous, they are recognized as an international airport where air traffic continues normally. Toncontain Airport not only takes the title of the most dangerous airport, but is also known as a notorious airport for its history of accidents., dangerous airports -Tonconton International Airport

Tunconiten Airport is located in the capital of Honduras, Tegucigalpa, in the middle of the high mountains, which makes the landing process a nightmare experience for risk reduction, as well as a runway not exceeding two kilometers. The airport has only one landing and one takeoff route, which increases its gravity.

Guanco Aerosquin Airport

Guanco Airport is located in the Netherlands Antilles, and most other airports are dangerous in the process of takeoff and landing, because of the narrow runway not exceeding 395 meters, which makes it difficult for the pilot to land, and the runway overlooking the ocean, which means that any A simple frequency or error in landing will increase the probability of the plane falling into the water!, dangerous airports -Tonconton International Airport

Barra Airport

The airport is located on the island of Barra, in the south of Scotland. The entire airport is located on the beach, from the runway to the passenger lounge. It is the only beach airport in the world. For the safety of beach visitors.

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