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Thailand Gate Zhang Mai II

Thailand Gate Zhang Mai II

Thailand Gate Zhang Mai II

Zhang Mai is still proud to produce many varieties of rice, The city of Chiang Mai was founded in 1996 and was built to succeed Zhang Rai as the capital of the Lanna Kingdom and has been well fortified. The Kingdom of Burma, the largest and most powerful neighbor, has always posed a danger to the small and peaceful kingdom of Lana. The Burmese attacked and occupied the former capital of Chiang Mai for a few hundred years. The capital was then moved to Fang and Wiang Kum Kam for two decades before Chang Mai became the capital for the next five centuries.Thailand Gate Zhang Mai II
Archaeological sites spread throughout the Old City
Chang Mai was well fortified, built around a stone wall and surrounded by a water trench. The fence included the entire city, except for the market, where it remained outside the walls to allow merchants from across the region to buy and sell.Thailand Gate Zhang Mai II
Today there are only scattered and rundown parts of this fence, along with the moat surrounding it. The Old City and its remaining temples and shrines are located within the perimeter of this wall, while urban expansion extends far beyond the perimeter of the fence. This area is one of the most important landmarks of the city of Chiang Mai, with most of its historical walls, temples and ancient palaces. Visiting the old section of Chiang Mai can see the rest of the old wall, the city gate and the surrounding moat. I recommend walking from the old city gate to the Night Bazaar, a journey that takes no more than an hour to an hour and a half (depending on the speed of the walk), where you can see many of the landmarks of Old and New Chiang Mai.


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