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Night Train Station Market (Thailand) I

Night Train Station Market (Thailand) I

Night Train Station Market (Thailand) I

The story goes back to the fact that the original site was located close to an old train station and had to be moved because of the construction and expansion of the metro lines.Night Train Station Market (Thailand) I
And was then transferred to its current location, where continued to achieve success and attract large turnout. However, this new location is far from the center of the medina and is the main transportation network, where it is difficult to reach most people, especially tourists.Night Train Station Market (Thailand) I

One of the most important features of Southeast Asia in general, and Thailand in particular, is its huge and comprehensive consumer markets. There is even a famous saying about the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok that “if you do not find what you are looking for in the Chatuchak market, Produces a dimension “.Night Train Station Market (Thailand)

Almost every city and town in Thailand has at least one popular market, including one that is open every day of the week, including weekends, including fresh fruits and vegetables, including antiques, modern ones, traditional.
The New Train Night Market in Bangkok is one of the most beautiful and distinctive, not months.
Sometimes referred to as the Train Night market 2 or Rod Fai Market 2.Night Train Station Market (Thailand)

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