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The best places to visit in India 3

The best places to visit in India 3

The best places to visit in India 3
Agra Fort in Agra India
Agra Fort in India’s Agra back a lot of relics and monuments in India to the era of the Mughals who excelled in architecture, and perhaps Agra Agra huge castle which featured built hotshot, is one of the most important fortresses testify to the ages of the Mongols, have been completed commends this castle in in 1573 after a long work there for eight years, he has worked in built by 4,000 workers to go out architectural masterpiece ,The best places to visit in India 3

Park and Recreation Nederla in Bangalore
Park and Nederla Amusement Park Wonderla Park and Nederla entertainment, 28 kilometers from the city of Bangalore, on the road to Mysore, which is about City integrated Entertainment, attracts many tourists a day, the city has got a lot of awards of the highest ratios Alarataad, and the town boasts a leisure resort for the holidays, is the first of its kind in India, is characterized by well-being in the service, as the city is divided .,The best places to visit in India 3..

The tomb of Emperor Humayun in India
Emperor Humayun mausoleum in India is a royal tombs dating back to the Mongol empire, which amount to 150 the tomb, but the most visible to build distinctive and which was built for the Mughal emperor second Humayun, I have designed this shrine featured Mirak Mirza Ghiyath, were terminated under the guidance of the widow of Emperor Humayun, where the emperor Humayun it directly not buried after his death, but that …

Red Fort in Delhi, India
Red Fort in Delhi in India is one of the most monuments in Delhi attractive to many tourists, where he built this huge castle in the era of the Mongols in 1648 by the Mughal Emperor, “Shah Jehanabad” Shah Jahan and stayed to establish the Mongols for 200 centers in general, as taken by the Mughal fort and protect them because of its castle walls and the walls of the castle huge isolate all around her, and is now isolated …

Hampel safari in India
Hampel safari in India Chambal Safari If you’re a fan of adventure and exploration, would you like to fight exciting experience in India, if you have to choose distinctive safari which starts from the valley Hampel, 70 km from Agra, and an hour’s leadership from the Taj Mahal, it is a journey safari, which you’ll learn about the wildlife in India away from the bustling cities. In the heart of the valley farm …

Landmarks in the Indian city of Goa
Landmarks in the Indian city of Goa Goa despite the fact that this city Indian old is the source of attraction for tourists lovers of beaches, water sports, river cruises and full of adventure, but the range of effects attracts also tourists ancient and distinctive building with lots of antiques architecture to ancient times, and these effects. Se Cathedral castle in the heart of the old atmosphere located …

Rajahat site in India
Site Rajahat in India in the place which witnessed the anniversary of the famous Indian fighter “Manmata Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi” a lot of stories of people who come to get to know this character from a relative, many of the tourists who have heard about Gandhi are looking for a lot of the information you get to know them most about this character , so you would find in India a lot of appreciation for this great historic character, …

Taigr Castle in India
Taigr Nahargarh fort at the top of Jaipur hills lies the most wonderful Indian castles that relate to a lot of catching them from the bottom of the distinctive built that occupies a large area of ​​gentle hills, and I took the castle wonderful its distinctive shape in an era of Sawai Jai Singh 1734, and the current figure to her by Sawai Madho Singh 1885, which features the picturesque natural scenery of Lake ..

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