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Bali island II

Bali island II

Bali island II

Bali is characterized by its charming nature, whether its sandy beaches that enjoy the waters of Fairuzia, or its famous forests with its dense vegetation, fertile soil, rivers and waterfall, which are tourist attractions in themselves. It is a kiss for those who seek tranquility, tranquility and spiritual purity, Bali island II

.The Arab traveler is particularly in touch with this leading tourist destination. The traditions and traditions of Indonesians in particular, and Asians in general, are somewhat close to our traditions and customs. They are based on strong family and social ties and are generally conservative.Bali island II
Within this framework, thanks to its natural beauty and conservative atmosphere, the island is an ideal destination for honeymooners and honeymooners, families aspiring to a tranquil tropical vacation, young people who wish to take a break in marine activities, challenging activities, mountain trekking, camping and snorkeling. Diving. The Kentamani area, which is 600 meters above sea level, provides an ideal destination for mountaineering and camping, where visitors can spend hours enjoying the view of the volcano of Batur Lake, one of the few volcanic lakes in Indonesia such as the Tambiglan and Boian lakes, the witch.

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