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For tourism Greece is an ideal place

 For tourism Greece is an ideal place

For tourism Greece is an ideal place

Greece of the most beautiful countries in the world and splendid it is full of monuments beautiful tourist wonderful occasion and cities to spend the most beautiful holidays and offer a lot of opportunities and choices where you will see many museums, archaeological sites and beautiful markets and forgotten the existence of luxurious restaurants and during the tour where you will see the Greek spirit and the power of creativity and innovation in every inch of which is Greece of unique and pleasant tourist destinations which enjoys a mild climate which is decorated with beautiful landscapes where Searelvirose and the tops of high mountains , For tourism Greece is an ideal place
The most beautiful cities

The oldest cities in the worldوThe Capital Athens

The oldest cities in the world and is one of the most visited cities because of the annexation of many attractions such as the Acropolis citadel, which dates back to pre-3500 years and memorials such as Velobabuss, museums monument like Athens Vuirs Museum and the Royal Palace Square Syntagma addition to the most beautiful recreational facilities such as parks Aghannah and most important national park beautiful and her mistress, the most important Athens Metro Mall and do not forget to wander the narrow streets and shopping of some commercial stores and the rest in the beautiful restaurants, For tourism Greece is an ideal place

Thessalaniki City

It is the second largest city in Greece, it is located in the north and was founded in 315 BC and has a long history and rich civilization and home to many of the Greek and Romanian, Byzantine and Ottoman monuments and includes many beautiful landmarks such as the White Tower, which dates back to the sixteenth century and the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and the Centre for Science Thessaloniki and a Byzantine castle and town Supreme filled with traditional old houses and cobbled streets in addition to the presence of luxury markets, cafes and restaurants that offer delicious cuisine and Otaibha also where many of the international celebrations and festivals that brings delight and joy to the hearts of its visitors held
Heraklion City

It is the fourth largest city in Greece and the capital of the island of Crete and is most famous as the site of the Bronze Age was built between 1400 – 1700 BC by Alimopon which is filled with tourist attractions such as St. Mark’s Cathedral and museums such as the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Alheiraquelon and palaces such as the Palace of Knossos Minoan and the archaeological site of Knossos, which the largest archaeological site in the Bronze age
The city of Larissa

This beautiful city in the east of Greece and is the capital Tisalia located and has a long history, one of the most important points of Greece’s tourist and that two of the old castle Larissa and the Museum of Larissa Archaeological theaters to possession and the Museum of Folklore and exhibition municipal arts & Garden Alcazar, a major agricultural center and the center of the national transport, which connect the city’s roads and railways to the port of Volos and forgotten the annexation of the most beautiful cinemas, restaurants and luxury hotels

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