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The most places tourism in Bangkok

The most places tourism in Bangkok

The most places tourism in Bangkok , Bangkok city one of the largest cities in the world with a population more from 9 millions, it is a city that featuring with traffic crowd and the hot whether and with the loud night life , also it is one from the Asia cities with the most universal with temples, fantastic palace,wide channels, shopping centers, and we will review some from the most important places tourism in Bangkok .

1) Khao San road : It is a small road located around a block from river chao pharya the name translate by milled rice in the past rice market in Bangkok in the past twenty years, featured by cheap accommodation and shops selling food and cafes and Internet and travel agencies . The most places tourism in Bangkok

2) Bangkok channel or Bangkok klongs : klongs translated from thailandya channel and the people all over Thailand use klong to transport and trade and gained the title of Venice east . 

The most places tourism in Bangkok  

3) Home Jim Thompson : A CIA operative infamous in Jim Thompson revive the silk industry thailandy after the world war2 . It is contain from six houses that styled by the traditional thailandy  Thompson build a company that it has its own silk it became a fan to collect the art major in southwest Asia , there is a house to the other side form klong .

4) Temple wat arun : The most places tourism in Bangkok  it is located on the side rjabat from river chao phraya which means temple of dawn , it is one of the oldest tourist in Bangkok it is architectural representation from Miro Mountain , it is central of universe in Buddhist cosmology best vision in evening at sunset .

5) Buddha Almtke temple or wat pho : A famous temple with the presence of a statue Buddha Almtke it is one of the largest temple in Bangkok and the oldest before 200 year , statue Buddha Almtke plated with gold and it has a length about 46 meter and rises 15 meter.








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