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Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong

Hong Kong island in Hong Kong it’s island in the southern part from hong kong area special administrative, it reach a population 1289500 from density of population 16,390/km2 . Central in island historical center and political center and economic in hong kong .

Hong Kong Island in Hong Kong 

North coast from island constitutes the south shore of Victoria harbor which is responsible so far for development hongkong because of deep water favored by large commercial vessels. The island is home for many from touristically monuments most population in  Hong Kong .

Hong kong Island in Hong Kong 

like ocean park , added there is many historical sites and different large shopping centers . There is mountain ranges in all around the island and also famous to walk for long distance .

The northern part from Hong Kong island from Cologne constitute the core urban are in hong kong , often the island locally named ” Hong Kong side” or “Island side” . Hong Kong Island in Hongkong 






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