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Best places tourism in Abha

Best places tourism in Abha

Best places tourism in abha region in Saudi Arabia its best region to spend a holiday in summer season due to the beautiful view , and tops famous mountain and with cold breezes , always the tourists come from all over the world. It is located at an altitude 2200m over the sea , it’s a region that enjoy with the nice weather over the year , we will discover the best things to do in Abha.Best places tourism in Abha 

Best things to do in Abha :

Visit the new abha resort and lake dam Abha: It’s one of the best places that should visit in Abha, and take a walk around the lake and in park and take dinner in Abha palace luxury hotel with a fantastic view for the lake and the park, also you can ride the cable car and enjoy with the scenic till the green mountain . Best places tourism in Abha 

visit the green mountain in middle city of Abha: It is reality that one of the hills that overlooking on the city and lighting with beautiful green light in the night, there is restaurant and cafes in the upper part with outdoor terrace where the visitor enjoy with the beautiful abha view, with gifts shop for souvenir and small restaurant decorated like asiri traditional mud house in the basement of the shop.

Riding the highest peak on sodah mountain : High 2910 m, and the weather is always very cold and quiet , you can enjoy picnic with a full private only with a wildlife to cut the silence.

Best places tourism in Abha 




green mountain





Abha resort

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