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Tourism in Luxor

Mandulis Unveiled

Mandulis Unveiled The Temple of Kalabsha Walk along an imposing stone causeway that leads from the banks of the lake ... Read More »

Wadi el-Allaqi

Wadi el-Allaqi Host of the Teeming Wildlife of Egypt Wadi el-Alaqi covers a vast area between the Red Sea mountains ... Read More »

Sun Festival at Abu Simbel

Sun Festival at Abu Simbel┬áCelebrate the Birth of Ramses II Ramses II built his temple at Abu Simbel so that ... Read More »

Abu Simbel Sound and Light Show

Continue…   The script is developed in nine languages (English, Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese) and ... Read More »

Nilometer on Rhoda Island The Nile’s Soothsayer

continue.. Nilometer on Rhoda Island The Nile’s Soothsayer Built in 861 AD by the Muslim Caliph Al-Mutawakkil, it is crowned ... Read More »