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Definition of some important Egyption cities

Definition of some important Egyptions cities

Definition of some important Egyptians cities Cairo is the capital of Egypt , A population of 20 million and a half of million people , inhabited by more than quarter of population of Egypt that reach 75 million of people , the population density reach to more than 15 thousand people per kilometer square, and named as historically as the city of a thousand minaret of the large of mosque . Founded by moez ledin elfatimy to be his capital , he has built his commander jawhar the year 358 AH (969AD), includes now Marquee city founded by amr bin el -Aas the year 20 AH , and alktaea city that founded Ahmad bin Toulon the year 256 AH , in addition to Fatimid Cairo . Definitions of some important Egyptians cities 

Cairo is currently the largest Arab city and it is the most populated in Africa and the Middle East too.Cairo , city province that is they occupy the entire province an area of one city .

Definition  of some important Egyptians cities


Some of Cairo sights :

1- Giza Pyramids

2- Salah el-den-al-ayobi castle

3- Egyption museum

4- Abdeen palace

5- Cairo tower


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