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Best tourist sites in Egypt

Best tourist sites in Egypt

Best tourist sites in Egypt  Nile River : sailing the Nile do visit is a common method of upper Egypt , Nile River is the life in Egypt since the ancient Egypt , and all the ships travel to Luxor and Aswan through the Nile , and took felucca and sail in the Nile water it considered as a great adventure that used since the ancient ages.

Karnak temple : it is the biggest ancient religious sites and represents the combined achievement of many generation of Egypt builders , it consists from 3 temple and they are the the main temple , and the small temple and external temple , and from the famous places in Karnak is the great hall of columns and reach 5000 meter square a there is 134 column arranged in row 16 . Best tourist sites in Egypt 

Dahab : it located far 85 km from north of Sharm el-Sheikh on the gulf of Aqaba , after it was an isolated city turned into wonderful tourist resort, and the activities like surfing and snorkeling and diving and camel rides , making it one of the most popular places along Red Sea .

Abu simble temple : it is an archaeological site that include two luxury temples in southern Egypt on the western bank of lake Nasser , and it is one of the famous area attract tourism in Egypt . Best tourist sites in Egypt

Nile River




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